We stand behind......

every product we well.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  Any product sold
by Falcon Direct can be returned within 15 days after purchase for a complete
refund.  All we ask is that the product be returned in undamaged condition, com-
plete with all accessories, instruction manuals, packaging and a copy of your
original invoice. No explanation is required although we would appreciate your
telling us the reason for return so we can avoid a similar problem for others.

If for some reason, you decide later that the product is unsuitable for your use,
we also have a plan for returns after 15 days.  Any product can be returned
within 45 days of purchase subject to the aforementioned conditions subject
to a 25% restocking charge.

Products that have been in your possession for longer than 45 days but less
than one year shall be subject to a 50% return charge.  It is your responsibility
to return equipment to Falcon Direct, whether by personal delivery or by the
courier of your choice.

Warranty repairs are not made by Falcon Direct except on products that are
manufactured by Falcon Direct or as specifically agreed to in writing.  If you
have a warranty claim, the product should be returned directly to the manu-
facturer unless you are covered by an extended service plan that provides
for on-site or exchange service as applicable.

Thanks for choosing Falcon Direct!  We appreciate the opportunity to serve
your needs!







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