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Malloree Johnson!

I have a great job in helping to make churches, daycare centers, and schools safer and more efficient. Student and staff safety is a hot topic today as it should be. Unfortunately, not all “experts” understand that the need is simple. The objective is get help quickly for those in need by those who can rapidly respond to that need.

In general, most of us think of dealing with “Disruptive People” in terms of calling 911. The fact is that there are all kinds of disruptions – angry visitors, flat out crazy people, and people with mayhem on their mind, as well as accidents, fires, and medical emergencies. What it really comes down to is getting as many people on the premises, aware and involved as quickly as possible. There are many technologies available including wireless call buttons, intercoms, PA systems, PC apps, 2-way radios, smart phones, and the list goes on. In the final analysis, the “answer” comes down to what solution offers the least cost for alerting the most people affected by the situation.

The fact is that ding-dong bells, flashing lights, ram horns, semaphore flags and tom-tom drums are actually more effective than some of our modern day solutions. My job is to help you get the solution that addresses both daily and emergency needs at the lowest possible cost per “activity area”.

Let me give you an example. Every school classroom needs the ability to communicate with the front office. Generally this requirement is satisfied with a wired intercom system – expensive to purchase, and VERY expensive to maintain. Then we get some 2-way radios for administrative, athletics, housekeeping, maintenance, and security use. All too often, the choices will range from radios designed for recreational use (FRS) or radios designed for cops and contractors which tend to be big and bulky as well as expensive to purchase and maintain.

Here’s where I come into the picture. What if I could combine the benefits of an intercom system, an emergency call system capable of both receiving and initiating messages as well as working with on premise security personnel? Would that be worth discussing? If I could do this for the cost of missing a lunch every other day for a month, would that make my services of interest to you?

Let’s start with our incredible new PocketTalker, a combined Intercom, mass alerting, emergency call system and 2-way radio priced at UNDER $90! Maybe you would like to step up to a personal 2-way radio that can covertly broadcast a pre-recorded voice message at the touch of a button or maybe a personal emergency call button that can send emergency messages to 2-way radios, cell phones, PC’s, smartphones, and tablets. If you have a need for improved safety, more efficiency, and lower cost, there is only one name you need to know – mine! For more information, just complete the “Tell Me More” card following this message. Thank you!

Malloree Johnson,
At your service!


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