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This is a special message for law enforcement agencies! 

July 4, 1776 was a turning point in the history of our country.  In public safety communications, we are at a new turning point.  The need for improved safety, both for the public and law enforcement officers, increasing costs coupled with more violent crime, and the need for more manpower brings us to a requirement for some new thinking.  That is what Project 1776 is all about - a new way of helping you do more with less!

Our business is communications, so we will limit our comments to our field of expertise, a life long endeavor spreading over half a century.  We are seeing "change" that we don't necessarily see as good.  For example, we don't see the benefit of multi-million dollar communications systems using two thousand dollar radios that can talk all over the state, but not within buildings in the local community. We don't see the value of equipping officers with personal data devices when we know it is safer and more efficient to use a centralized information center easily accessible by 2-way radio. 

We think interoperability, in particular using obsolete P25 technology, is a joke and the idea of restricting equipment choice to a single vendor is wasteful and inefficient.  For additional comments on this subject, see info4u.us/Contrarian.pdf. Now we will share a few comments on common sense alternatives to traditional thinking.

Response Time - This is the most critical element in dealing with bad people.  Most crimes are committed in 4 minutes of less.  The average municipal response time is 10 minutes or more. That is simply no acceptable.  We have a plan to address this issue.  It's called CareNet.  You can learn more about it at info4u.us/CareNet.pdf.

Operational Efficiency - To be blunt, your responsibility is to protect and serve those in your community.  Everything else is secondary.  Your communications planning should be with this one thought in mind.  You don't always get the desired result when you rely on a single vendor.  Multiple vendors bring fresh ideas, lower cost, and greater efficiency.  For a sample of what we can do, see info4u.us/LAW-Products.pdf.

We are ready, willing, and able  to work with you in bringing the Spirit of 1776 to your community!   For additional information, without obligation, just give me a call at 205.854.2611 or email burch@falcondirect.com

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